Fee Structure

We work with our clients to provide the services and fee schedules that fit their needs as well as organizational capacity.  Some clients hire us for one project, others want support for a few months or require more services on a long-term basis.

Please note that we do not work on a contingent-fee basis.  In most cases, grant preparation costs or fees cannot be paid from a grant, unless such costs are included as eligible cost items in the RFP budget instructions and your budget request. Thus, proposing to trade grant writing services for a percentage of grant funds is generally unethical and/or illegal. Grant preparation costs and fees are usually paid from other agency resources, such as individual donations, reserves, indirect cost recovery, etc.

It is our experience that grants never take less than ten hours.  That is because grant applications are NEVER the same and there is no such thing as cut and paste.  The amount of time it takes to prepare a grant application depends on the complexity and sophistication of the funder, how much background organizational information exists, and the level of planning that is in place. 

Price Quotes:

Please contact us by email for a price quote on a specific assignment.

Our fee structures typically include:

  • Hourly rate – most accurate but the hours can add up.

    • For an hourly rate, a deposit is required to start with the balance due prior to the release of the final work  product.

  • Flat fee pe r project - depends on the complexity of the proposal, the amount of information in place, and the length of time we have to complete the assignment. 

    • For flat-fee assignments, a 50% deposit is required to start work, with the other half due prior to the release of the final work product.

    • Community Engagement, Meeting Facilitation, Program Evaluation, and Strategic Planning services are provided on a Flat fee basis only.

  • Retainer - Under a retainer arrangement, a monthly retainer amount is set for a specific number of hours.  We are available to conduct grant source research, alert the client to grant opportunities, prepare proposals, and provide ongoing advice and consultation. We keep track of hours worked with hours billed at a 20% discount from my standard hourly rate. Hours not used in a given month are “banked” for use in future months and overages applied to the following month. The retainer is due at the start of each month and there is a three-month minimum.

  • Expenses - Expenses for all types of assignments are billed at cost + time.

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