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Causes of Strategic Planning Failure

I was browsing the internet and came across a few blogs and webinars discussing why organizations fail at the implementation stage of the strategic planning process. Each was a variation of the following ten pitfalls:

  1. Not planning.

  2. Planning before undertaking a situation assessment.

  3. Not including key people in the planning effort.

  4. Developing a mission statement first.

  5. Confusing goals and objectives.

  6. Measuring activity instead of results.

  7. Jumping straight to strategies after developing objectives.

  8. Not developing detailed action plans for strategies.

  9. Not gaining buy-in before implementing the plan.

  10. Not monitoring the plan.

How does knowing these pitfalls help an organization avoid them? Hire an entity with the skills to effectively facilitate the process. If that is not possible, identify a

current employee to invest money and time to develop the crucial skills for this process. Planning is an investment that has a rate of return that will benefit the company/organization for the long term.

How do you plan for these pitfalls in your process?

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