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Listen Actively

Good facilitators are good listeners. Cultivating your capacity to listen actively will serve you well at work, and in every other aspect of your life.

TIP: Here’s are 9 ways to enhance your listening skills when facilitating:

1. Listen like you mean it – show genuine interest and curiosity.

2. Suspend your assumptions, listening to understand what is really being spoken.

3. Listen with all your senses – eyes, body language, tone of voice.

4. Listen for what is not being said as well as the words being spoken.

5. Move towards the speaker to be more closely connected.

6. Scan the whole room to sense how others are reacting and responding to what is being said.

7. Write it down, and check out what you’ve written to ensure the speaker does feel heard.

8. As culturally appropriate, use eye contact to acknowledge people, and to encourage quiet folks to take part.

9. Assist those with differing ability to articulate; paraphrase what you believe they are trying to say.

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