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Traditional SWOT vs. Drivers Model Approach

In the last Friday Feed, I discussed the traditional SWOT analysis that focuses on strengths and opportunities being positive tactics, while weaknesses and threats are negative. While this provides a starting point for the organization or person, there is more to be considered--internal and external dimensions. Michael Wilkinson, CEO of Leadership Strategies states that "for a more robust SWOT, it is essential that the SWOT identify internal and external factors and their current or potential impacts". This is known as the Drivers Model Approach.

The key difference in the Drivers Model Approach is that each component addresses an attribute and impact, providing clarity and focus on how to maximize or minimize each. If we are not clear when determining the impact, it is likely that the wrong strategy may be used to enhance our strengths or overcome our weaknesses. Here is an example only looking at an organization's strength:

Traditional Strength Drivers Model Strength

* Experienced personnel * Our experienced personnel allow us to recognize problems quickly and bring proven solutions to the table

Please comment to share your experiences with the Drivers Model Approach.

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