Grant Writing Services

Grant Writing and Letters of Interest

Competitive proposals and Letters of Interest tell compelling stories of great need, transformative ideas and crystal clear action plans that yield tangible and measurable results. We work with you to develop a powerful proposal that articulates the heart of your organization, demonstrates your capacity to fulfill the full scope of the project, and presents a compelling case for funding.

Grant Source Research

Funding is all about the right match between the funder and the organization, including mission, program and logistical alignment.  If any of these aspects are missing, you are wasting valuable resources by preparing a grant application. Knowing as much as possible about your prospective funders and their priorities is critical. We provide extensive research into likely sources of grant funding with detailed funder profiles, including alignment between your proposed project and targeted funders, due dates, requested form of contact, range of grant awards, and other relevant material.

Strategic Planning

Organizations should rest upon a solid foundation and plan of action. Strategic planning is a process whose steps are as important as the outcome – building consensus and buy-in from key personnel for the future is a critical component of successful strategic planning. The resulting document can serve as continued guidance throughout the challenges of implementation. We provide decision-makers with the information necessary to develop and execute a practical, sustainable, and impactful strategic plan.


Meeting Facilitation

Are your meetings useful and productive? Do your meeting attendees know what is expected of them at the end of the meeting? We have expertise in developing a plan for meetings or training. We are trained in facilitation and process design and have a wealth of experience with meeting design and facilitation that can help create an effective agenda based on the goals and objectives for the meeting. 

Community Engagement

There are many definitions of “community.” A community may refer to geographically defined areas or groups that share a common history or interest, a sense of collective identity, shared values and norms, mutual influence among members, common symbols, or some combination of these dimensions. We have experience in partnering with communities to create change and improve health. We recognize and respect diversity, and ensure that the most impacted individuals are reached and engaged throughout the planning and implementation process.

Program Evaluation

Organizations regularly undertake programs and initiatives that address important issues. We can help organizations discover whether programs have the desired impact and if not, how to make programs more effective through the use of program monitoring and evaluation. Our evaluators' aid clients in selecting and designing appropriate monitoring and evaluation frameworks, setting up the evaluation project, and following through with data collection, analysis, the development of improvement strategies for monitored projects, and the drafting and dissemination of findings.

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